Kelly Money Management, LLC
"Managing your daily financial and medical matters"

Daily Money Management Services

During an initial complimentary consultation we will assess your personal needs and create a plan to free you from the frustration of managing your daily money matters.  The following is just an example of the services that Kelly Money Management, LLC can provide:

Financial Services
    Bill Payment
         payments fees and finance charges   
         with vendors
         on auto-pay
    Banking Services
    Organize files
    Develop & monitor monthly budgets
    Organize documents for tax preparation

Medical Services
    Insurance Claims and Processing
   Medical Records Organization

Additional Services
    Set-up small business & non-profits on Quickbooks
    Handle payroll for small businesses, non-profits & household employees
    Prepare year-end reports and forms, such as 1099’s
    Communicate with your financial, investment, legal & healthcare professionals           as needed

All services are billed on an hourly basis.  Rates are very reasonable and are based on the type of service you choose, the volume of bills handled and the location the service is performed.  After we have assessed your personal needs and created a plan to fit your lifestyle and accomplish your goals, a monthly estimate of fees can be determined.

Enjoy peace of mind and more free time...
Kelly Money Management, LLC
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