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  Frequently Asked Questions

What type of person needs the services of Kelly Money Management, LLC?
Daily money management services are best suited for busy professionals, seniors, adult children responsible for caring for their parents or other family members, frequent travelers, entrepreneurs & small business owners and other individuals with financial organization needs.

How do I get started?
A complimentary consultation will be set up to discuss your individual needs.  A plan will then be created to suit your particular situation and outline how Kelly Money Management, LLC can help you.  An engagement letter outlining the scope of services will be prepared for your review and acceptance.

How do you insure confidentiality?
All parties will sign a confidentiality agreement at the time of engagement.  We respect your privacy and want you to feel secure that we are handling your personal financial information with complete confidentiality.  Lyndell maintains the highest standards of confidentiality, upholding the code of ethics of the American Association of  Daily Money Managers. Your personal information will never be given to outside parties. 

Does Kelly Money Management, LLC take the place of your current financial advisors?
Kelly Money Management, LLC works with your advisors. We provide your financial and legal professionals with necessary information to facilitate your day-to-day money matters.  We do not provide legal, investment or financial planning advice but if needed, we can refer you to a professional.

How can I be sure my money is safe?
Kelly Money Management, LLC is fully covered by both General Liability and  Professional Liability Insurance.  You can be assured that your money and personal information are secure and properly handled.

What are the charges for daily money management services?
All services are billed on an hourly basis.  During your initial consultation we will determine the scope and complexity of your needs and estimate the amount of the time required to provide you with the service that will benefit you the most.

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