Kelly Money Management, LLC
"Managing your daily financial and medical matters"

Kelly Money Management, LLC is dedicated to managing your daily financial and medical matters, performing many of the functions needed to keep your life organized and give you peace of mind and more free time.  Some of our daily money management services include bill paying, day-to-day banking, budgeting, medical insurance paperwork, and organizing records and receipts for income tax filing. 
Is it time to hire a Daily Money Manager?

   * Are you a busy professional juggling family and business who finds it difficult or lacks the time to manage your daily financial matters?
   * Are you responsible for the care of an older relative or family
   * Are you a senior citizen who finds it increasingly challenging to organize and maintain financial records?
   * Are you overwhelmed trying to understand and track your medical insurance paperwork?
   * Are you a frequent traveler who worries about missing a bill payment or taking care of all the paperwork that will be waiting for you?
    * Are you an entrepreneur or small business owner who spends too much time on the bookkeeping and not enough time on running the business?
    * Are you anyone who struggles with paperwork?
Enjoy peace of mind and more free time...
Kelly Money Management, LLC
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